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Sandalwood s*x scandal: All you need to know about another face of Om Prakash Rao


The dark side of the Kannada film industry, which has produced several national award-winning films, was laid bare on August 27 2014 when Tv 9 Karnataka news channel carried out a sting operation to uncover the rise of the casting couch.

Well-known Kannada film-makers Omprakash Rao and Guru Deshpande, and producers Diwakar Babu and Rajashekar, were caught on camera luring young girls with the promise of roles in films.

The four, who are veterans with more than two decades of experience in the industry, have been maintaining a low profile since the footage of them allegedly misbehaving with girls was aired by TV9 Kannada news channel.

The footage shows Rao telling wannabe
actresses that unless they "humour them", they cannot enter the film industry and make it big.

Rao is the son of late N.S. Rao - a renowned comedian in Kannada films - and has directed over 25 movies. He has directed landmark action-oriented movies such as Lockup Death, Huchcha, Kalasipalya, Ayya, and Bheema Teeradalli, and worked with top stars like Darshan,Sudeep etc.. in the Kannada film industry.

In the footage, he is heard promising movies to newcomers in return for se*ual favours.

The revelations have shocked actors and directors, who later lashed out at those involved in the alleged practice.

The Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce (KFCC), the apex body of the film industry in Karnataka, has ordered a probe into the matter.

After Sandalwood filmmaker Om Prakash Rao, on being exposed by a news channel, was beaten up by people in Srirangapattina

The filmmaker, who has been revealed as a director who takes advantages of all actresses s*xually, is said to have been physically abused for all his wrong doings.

The filmmaker, after being exposed and got beaten up seems to have learnt his lesson.

Om Prakash, without any hesitation, came forward and accepted his mistake on television. He went on to apologize and ask people for mercy for his wrong doings. Clearly, he accepted that he's guilty.

Watch the sting operation