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Beer is better than milk

Why Beer is Better than Milk

Beer is better than milk for promoting good health. It’s also better than milk for reducing or maintaining weight. Not only is beer better than milk. So are wine and liquor (distilled spirits). Spirits include whiskey, rum, vodka, tequila,etc.

There is more protein in beer than in milk. What's more, beer has fewer calories than apple juice, milk or cola and contains neither fat nor cholesterol. These claims have been made by the All India Brewer's Association.

The apex body representing 42 beer manufacturers, has urged the food processing ministry to delink beer from the status of liquor and whisky, so that it can be advertised and marketed like any other product. They have argued that liquor has an alcoholic content of 42.8% while beer has only up to 7%.

Beer is battling to get the status of milk. The all India Brewer's Association (AIBA) have argued in a memorandum to the government that a glass of beer contains more protein than does the same quantity of milk.

Beer wine and spirits all have fewer calories and less sodium than milk. And none has any fat or cholesterol, with which milk is loaded. Furthermore, while milk is associated with weight gain, alcohol beverages are not. See Alcohol, Calories and Weight Gain.
(one cup regular milk)
(can or bottle)
80 proof distilled spirits
(1.5 oz shot or jigger)
Sodium (mg)1208180.4
Fat (g)5000
Cholesterol (mg)34000
Source:  USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.
But there is one important difference. You can drink all the milk you want before driving. Not so with alcohol.