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Darshan fan warned Yash fans

Fan clubs of actors in the good old days were responsible for creating hype to the release of their hero's film. Apart from drumming up publicity, these fan clubs engaged themselves with various social causes.However, today these fan clubs are getting a bad name because the rivalry between a few fan clubs is seeing a new low where below-the-belt accusations and nasty jibes are fast becoming the order of the day. It's a war out there, and it's downright ugly.

The so-called `fans' of some big stars in the industry create memes to troll their rivals, spread unwanted comments about films and their makers, and resort to abuse whenever their views or supremacy of the star they are supporting are challenged. Of dotting the sandalwood firmament, the fans of S'wood top stars, Darshan and Yash are the ones who are going hammer and tongs at each other on the social media.
And from last 2 day's this war is going to the next level by abusing each other's family, warning each others etc.

Darshan fan warned Yash fans.

Why ? What happened?
This is what happened

Few jobless people proclaiming themselves as Yash fans have uploaded a status abusing THOOGUDEEPA girls group ® and in reply one of the Darshan fan has warned Yash fans for doing so.

Watch the video

Is there any way these fan clubs can be tamed and be persuaded to not cross the lines of decency? "I don't see an end to this fan war in the near future.We must just take this as time pass and take it cool. But since it's getting serious, I think the cyber crime department must look into this issue, and find a solution to it.