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Reasons behind Rajesh Krishnan 3rd marriage divorce

 The prolific singer of South India Rajesh Krishnan is not lucky for the third time too. His marriage with Ramya Vasishta on 8th of November 2011 is now on the brink of collapse.

Ramya Vasishta third wife to Rajesh Krishnan applied for divorce at the family court in Bangalore seeking for divorce. In the last 17 months of marriage, Rajesh Krishnan has not shown interest in $ex. I am fed up of him and virgin yet even after marriage. I am forced to take this decision says Ramya Vasisht.

As a matter of fact, Ramya Vasishta compelled her parents to agree for marriage with Rajesh Krishnan. It seems Rajesh Krishnan on the advice of Ramya Vasishta came to a doctor only once in the last 17 months of marriage for a checkup.

Rajesh Krishnan married Soumya Raoh (current singing sensation in Hindi and other languages) and divorcing her got married to Haripriya a dentist. Even with Haripriya things did not work out. The third marriage is also at the collapsing stage. This time the reason given is the impotency of Rajesh Krishnan.