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Pratham bit co-star Bhuvan on the sets of Sanju Mattu Naanu

Altercations and misunderstandings between actors, be it in showbiz or on the small screen, is common place. But in a first, the Kannada television world witnessed a physical fight, and that too one where an actor ended up biting his co-actor. Sounds bizarre, though true. On Saturday, the cast and crew of the serial Sanju Mattu Naanu, were dumbfounded when an argument broke out between its two lead actors Pratham and Bhuvan Ponnanna.

Sources from the set say that both Bhuvan and Pratham didn’t exactly share a rosy relationship even when the serial went on floors. The duo has had a difference of opinion on many occasions, some which even made it to the headlines.

Last weekend, however, their fight took one of the most unexpected turns that saw Pratham biting Bhuvan. A viciously wounded Bhuvan, we hear, retaliated and landed a few punches on Pratham.

After having punched Pratham a few times, Bhuvan then proceeded to get medical treatment at a neighboring hospital. BT was also privy to the information that Bhuvan ended his association with the serial on Saturday.