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Revealed! the actual truth behind Darshan and Paviithra affair gossips

Budding actress Pavithra Gowda's affair rumors with Darshan have surfaced again. The actress updated her new profile photo on Twitter and Facebook in which they are seen together.

For the uninitiated, Pavithra Gowda has acted in movies like Chatrigalu Sir Chatrigalu and Bathaas. The rumors of her affair with Darshan had hit the gossips columns two years ago. Surprisingly, the actress remained elusive thereafter and was not seen in movies.

This had become a fodder for tabloids that came up with colorful stories about Pavithra Gowda and Darshan's relationship. The speculations had claimed that the Challenging Star and his wife had a fight over the issue. Nonetheless, both the actors have never given a clarification on the reports and the issue had slowly disappeared from the people's minds.

But now pavithra Gowda updating their photo, the rumors grew stronger. While many have given a thumbs up for the picture, a section of Darshan fans asked her to delete the post as it would be showcased in a different Manner to the viewers.

But reports say that though Darshan and his wife had some misunderstanding
Between themselves, it's been sorted out and they have been living together since then. So this rumor stays a rumor as it has been said that the only channel which telecasted this was tv9, and things have not been good between Darshan and the channel. It is said that this is a gimmick used by the channel to demote Darshan's next movie Tarak which released the movie trailer on the same day.