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Bigg Boss 5 : here's how much contestants earn per week.

Being a part of Bigg Boss is not everybody's cup of tea. Some participate in the controversial reality show for visibility, others do that for a good pay cheque.

As a reality show, how Bigg Boss works is, the longer you survive in the house, the more you get paid every week. The celebrities in the house are given a signing amount for the show. Contestants are also divided among three categories: top level, mid-level and bottom level.

Among the three categories, the bottom level contestants aka commoners Megha HV, Shruthi Prakash, Niveditha gowja, Dewakar and Suma get weekly fee of close to Rs 40000.

the mid-levels Dayal Padmanabhan, Rehash Bash, Sameer acharya, Ashitha Chandrappa, Tejaswini Prakash, Jagannath Chandrasekhar and Krishi Tapanda. get around Rs 75000 and

the top level contestants Jaya Srinivasan, sihi Kahi Chandru, Anupama Gowda, jai Karthik and Chandan Shetty can get upto Rs 1-2 lakh per week, reports Filmybeat. So for those celebs who stick around for the entire season of Bigg Boss 5, this could be their jackpot.

And of course, the star of the show, Kiccha Sudeep, is rumoured to be charging Rs 4 crore per season. We're not surprised.